Buying real estate in Ambergis Caye Belize from Belize Real Estate San Pedro Town

After living in the Fl Keys for over twenty years and visiting almost every island in the Caribbean we dicied to retire in Ambergis caye my wife and myself made another trip to San Perdo we didn’t know if we should rent or buy so we went from one end of the island to the other looking at lots of places finally we agreed we need some help so we went up and down Front St to real estate offices to see what we could find we walked into Belize real estate and we were greeted by the owner Sally Pinkerton it was so nice to have someone listen to what we wanted not what they wanted to sell you Sally said come back in the morning let me see what I an find went back the next morning Sally was waiting for and took us to some propertes look at all of them found one we liked had lots of questions Sally said lets go back to the office I have Evelyn get all the information for you 15 minutes latter back at the office Evelyn Nunez sales agent had everything waiting for us all questions answered couldn’t believe it ! 2 hours latter done we will be investing in more properly in San Perdo and there is only one real estate office I need that will be BelizeRealEstate San Perdo Belize

Robert&Lori battipaglia Fl. U.S.A

Buying Property In Belize 2016 Made Easy

Outstanding Professional Team work from Belize Real Estate.
Sally and Evelyn made my trip to San Pedro Ambergris Caye a wonderful experience. Looking for  the right retirement home with in my budget and special request, they worked diligently to find the perfect place. They realize their clients needs living out of the country and work hard to prepare for your first visit to your new home.  I recommend them highly and look forward to having them always as New Friends and Neighbors.

Malcolm Junker Texas USA



Dear Sally,

Just thought I’d drop you a note to say THANKS AGAIN for your help in my becoming a (for now) part time Belizean!

You might recall all the trouble I had with that less than helpful real estate agent before we met.  He was ill informed, evasive, dishonest and worst of all lazy. I was about to reconsider buying at all.

After getting that referral to you things changed.  You showed up in 5 minutes and said “get in the cart”. We spent the next three day driving around (some in the rain)until we found the perfect location for my new tiny home. In budget and a great value. Your extra effort as well as the level of professionalism in the office made the purchase seamless and simple.  Not exactly what I expected in a “foreign country”

Thanks again for the financial advise and contractor referral as well as what to expect from the immigration process. Those things saved me countless hours of research. It looks like we’ll break ground in December and be ready to move in by March or April.  I can’t wait! Say hello to all my new friends for me and I’ll see you soon, Once again, sincerely, thanks…



Thank you making our purchase a pleasant and expedient transaction. We are excited to make San Pedro our new home 😉
All The Best
Ronn and Cari Powell
Alberta Canada